Firm Profile

The Flowers Counsel Group, LLC, founded in 2006, has emerged as Delaware's largest and one of the region's leading minority-owned corporate and procurement law firms. Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, the nation's leading corporate law venue, the firm's client roster includes Global 500 and Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and some of the nation’s largest academic and non-profit institutions. We provide a broad range of high-quality and complex legal services to a variety of business sectors and industries, including, but not limited to, banking, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, information technology, energy, finance, marketing, public relations and education.

In 2019, the firm served as lead counsel in corporate and procurement transactions totaling over $2 billion.

Our Goals & Mission

Our primary goals are to provide our clients innovative legal solutions, expert legal advice, efficient allocation of resources, flexible billing and a strong commitment to teamwork. It is our mission to serve our clients by delivering legal services grounded in our business experience at an unprecedented level of quality and talent at a competitive rate.

Our Practice Areas

Serving as lead counsel in complex transactions, our firm is dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional services in key niche areas of the legal profession. In order to fulfill the needs of our clients, the firm has four core practice areas: Corporate Governance and Formation, Corporate Transactional, Mergers & Acquisitions and Procurement Services. Recognizing the importance of specialization and synergies, our firm is committed to providing our clients with unique, premium legal services in our core practices. Our broad range of services within our practice areas ensures that our firm can lead and guide your company through your legal challenges.

Representative Clients

The firm is very proud of each of our clients. Here's a sampling of who we serve:

Technology & Support Services

Understanding the importance of technology in meeting the demanding legal needs of today’s global clients, our firm invests heavily in technology to implement and maintain state-of-the-art technology. Our attorneys are equipped with mobile technology to ensure that we are able to provide high quality services at our client sites. Web conferencing, knowledge management and retrieval systems, electronic legal databases, wireless networks and a robust intranet equip our attorneys with the tools to service your legal needs.

Our firm implements a broad-based technology solution, which includes dynamic software platforms and hardware designed to infuse the power of technology into our legal practice. Utilizing a network based upon Microsoft® Windows Server technology and Microsoft Office 2016 Enterprise Applications™, our firm is able to keep pace with major advances in technology, efficiently manage the vast resources available to our attorneys, and pass along significant cost-savings to our clients.

Certifications & Memberships

The Flowers Counsel Group, LLC is certified by the State of Delaware's Office of Minority and Women Business Enterprise.  The firm and our attorneys (as applicable) are members of the American Bar Association, National Bar Association, Boston Bar Associaton, Delaware State Bar Association and the National Association of College and University Attorneys.